When I said, “leadership is more than being in charge”, someone asked for a definition of leadership. The definition of leadership and what exactly it entails has riddled many who’ve tried to define it to the dot… There are very few things that can be defined right down to the last iota. There are some universal beliefs about what leadership is and what it isn’t.

Then anarchy reigns when distinctions on aspects of leadership and management, for example. Where are the overlaps? Does it matter that we identify overlaps, if any?

The debate on what leadership is or isn’t will be with us to the end of time. It is not going to end any time soon. Despite this, there are things that we can agree on. One of which is that leadership is more than being in charge. In a sense it is but that is not the sum of it.

Leadership is about enabling people and processes to attain something of significance for the greater [Click to Tweet]

‘Being in charge’ bears connotations of mere power-wielding. There is more to that. Any power and authority is only for enabling the greater. Power and authority are mere means for creating an environment for people and processes that enable the ultimate mission of an enterprise.

Anyone who sees being in control or power as the object of leadership has missed the point and must never lead. These ’throne-seekers’ are generally easy to spot as they seem only to care about what they can get out of the position of leadership and the ‘benefits’ of being leader. They care little for the purpose of the enterprise. They see the enterprise serving themselves and not others.

The essence of leadership transcends self [Click to Tweet]

Remember: as a leader you are in charge but that is far from the sum of it. You’re there to enable people and processes for the mission of your enterprise to be achieved so that others are served.

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