You don’t want to pay ‘too much’. ‘Unreasonable price’ is a subjective. This is why we can be on the hunt for cheap. We sometimes use synonymous or words similar. ‘Cost effective’ is one of the terms used instead, sometimes. Our search for bargains, however we interpret that, can put us in danger of cheap deceit.

This is not just about price for the things we buy. It extends to every area of life. It impacts leadership and organisations as well. Cheap deceit lands us up in paying more than we sometimes realise. At other times, we’re not left with much choice but to pay.

How many times have you paid more for a ‘cheap flight’ than the price in an airline’s newsletter? I’ve been victim of that. I want to pay as little as possible for as much as possible. Am I the only one?

The thing is, cheap deceit sends people on a do-the-bare-minimum trip. This can filter to our approach to our work, studies, relationships, how we lead and many other areas.

Starting on the path of least resistance because we want it easy can have us see paying more than we hoped. Hidden costs soon catch us out. There are also those terms and conditions called into play. That fine print we never read!

Shortcuts can cost more than doing it right. Doing course correction can end up more costly than doing it right in the first place.

Just in case: there is a difference between a bargain and going cheap. Cheap is about trying to cut the corners. It is about not paying the price it takes to be great in leading, in relationships and other areas of life.

The next time you’re presented with cheap, don’t rush to accept. The urban adage, “check yourself before you wreck yourself” is appropriate here. The cost is usually not what the price tag says.

Cheap deceit is when we start off thinking we’re paying less than we could or should be. It is not always the case. Cheap can have the trap of hidden costs.

What are the hidden costs? The terms and conditions could be a trap. Cheap is not always a bargain. It can be cheap deceit.


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