As I’ve intimated in this post, we are sometimes underrated success enablers for others). It is important for us to think and act beyond ourselves. We need to intentionally empower others to advance. This post is about looking up to no ceiling.

You have to strive to give as much as you can. When leaders, and everyone for that matter, strive to achieve they lift others with them.

Equally important is you getting input from others with the wisdom acquired from experience or greater expertise in your particular areas of interest. In the different areas of our lives, whether in organisation or personal lives, we have a picture of who we’d like to be. Sometimes that picture is someone we look up to..

It is important to have people to look up to, for inspiration and direction. I’ve seen people make mistakes they did not have to make. Some people could have avoided some mistakes if they learned to lean into the failure, success and wisdom of others.

I guarantee you, there is someone out there who has been through what you have been. The circumstances may not be exact but the underlying principles definitely are. I’ve reaped the benefit of having people outside looking at ‘my picture’ and help me realize things I hadn’t noticed or considered.

That being said, I’m sure it is now apparent – you need heroes! This comes with a word of caution. Look up to your heroes but do not make them your ceiling. We must learn to embrace our mentors and coaches and the lessons they impart. The heart of any true mentor is to see the mentee exceed them.

Any mentor that seeks only to raise their mentee is unjust. I have great respect for mentor that move their mentee along to others that can take them farther than them.

(I just had some flash backs to some kung fu movies where the master sends his student to another teacher because he has taught him all he knows and can…)

Respect the coaches and people around you that are helping you to go farther but don’t make them your destination. Let their achievements and values be inspiration for you to go farther and not the end in itself.

As you pursue the greater make sure you’re looking up to no ceiling.

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