The Underrated Success Enabler

I think I am one of the most fortunate people on the face of the earth! I’ve had the privilege of having countless people as examples on how to do life and lead, among other things. For my entire life I’ve been surrounded by people with a desire to not only see me succeed but exceed them. I’ve had and still have people who want to see me farther at this stage in my life than they were. I am extremely grateful. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized that there are other people who are also looking up to me. And, there are people around me that I am committed to seeing farther and better than me at the stages they’re yet to get to.

illustration by "i'll never grow up", flickr, (cc)

We have many labels for those we look up to for direction; coach, mentor, guide, advisor etc. Whatever name you have for these people, you need them. Not only that you need to be that person to someone else. True success is not self-seeking. True success is service to others. True success is helping other realize their dreams and potential greater than they ever imagined. Success is enabling others from your vantage point. Success cannot be success if it self-serving.

People refrain from being an enabling force in other people’s lives because they only look at their inadequacies. On the contrary, no matter how lacking we are or feel, we are never in a place where we cannot give to others. No matter how bankrupt you feel you can make someone richer. Wealth is not just material things. You have wisdom someone else is praying for. You have resources that you despise and have no use for that could be exceeding life changing for someone else.

While you feel you haven’t arrived, someone is desperate to get to where you are! Don’t undermine that! Sometimes people speak more highly of us than we really are and tell us how they want to be just like us. For a change, stop trying to fight it and correct them. Use that to inspire them to be greater than you. Tell them they can be better! Never get so caught up in growing and advancing yourself that you forget there are people that not only need but desperately want your heads up in getting where you are! Take a break from trying to get ahead and help someone get ahead too!

If you think about it long and hard enough you’ll realize that you often underrate yourself as a success enabler for others. Inspire and empower someone else today!

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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