You’ve Been Made Blind By Pride When

There’s the adage, “pride comes before a fall”. It is true. The sad thing about it, is that often people don’t realise that they’ve been made blind by pride. Pride can make you blind to the fact that you’re about to fall. In fact pride makes you blind to the fact that you are proud […]

Breaking News: Opinion Shortage

“Breaking News: Opinion Shortage”. That is one headline you are never going to see. Whether articulated, logical, lame or baseless everyone has one. An opinion that is. We can all, at least, claim to think something about anything. Opinions can be both damaging and uplifting, regardless of their source. We can have opinions about ourselves […]

The Things Adversity Helps

They are called “tests” for a reason. They have to challenge resolve, understanding and a lot of other things, to extremes. They are called challenges because they help gauge strength, while exposing areas of vulnerability. When we and or the ‘products’ we make prevail, we (and the products) are considered worthy. Too many miss the […]

The Haunting Of Character

I haven’t been following the Oscar Pistorius trial till last week. I’ve looked at the headlines of papers. Listening to some highlights last week not only gave me a glimpse into the South African court system but also got me thinking about character… The talk about character being critical for life and leadership is not […]

At A Time, In Time

One of your frustrations as a leader, at some point, if not all the time, is not being able to do everything at one go. I hate constraints. Managing and or leading is almost a management of constraints. I hate that I can’t make everything happen at one go. If only it was that easy. […]