Rule #01 | When Assuming A New Leadership Role

Sometimes I think a lot. At other times too much (and sometimes it hurts). Writing is one of the tools that help me clarify a lot in terms of my thinking or reflecting. I’ve written about this before, here. I haven’t made a journal entry this year and I probably should be doing that. Having […]

How To Ask Great Questions for Great Learning (Part 1)

Questions are a great medium of learning. Great students love and understand the importance of questions. Leaders who do not have appreciation for questions, especially directed at them miss out on opportunities to communicate values and vision to their team. The mark of great students and leaders is not only being able to answer questions […]

What Leading A Church Has Taught Me About Life And Leadership

. .. This is a guest post by DJ McPhail, senior leader of Liberty Church. Follow him on @saintdj and his blog. . After founding a church and leading it for the past 20 years I learned: God has a purpose for everyone! We are all leaders: God’s purpose thrusts us all into leadership. Everyone […]

Leadership And The “R” Word

From my 13th right up to my 21st birthday there was one word that my dad always repeated. I hated the “speeches” but they were true. They were not only true in one area of life but applies across the board. One word that my dad always repeated and spoke about was… #drum roll#: RESPONSIBILITY. […]

How To Protect Yourself From Sharing Ideas Prematurely

Since I wrote How To Protect Your Ideas From Yourself, I’ve received a lot of requests asking for a follow-up. Specifically, How to stop yourselves from sharing ideas prematurely or with the wrong people. In his book Business Stripped Bare – Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur, Richard Branson made a joke about inventing a device that […]