Managing Change When Assuming A New Leadership Role

Change is almost inevitable for the team or organisation receiving a new leader. Every leader has his or her idiosyncrasy and that colours how they do what they do. Managing change when assuming a new leadership role is key for the successful transitions. There will be necessary and forced adjustments as both teams and leaders establish working […]

Be Led | When Assuming A New Leadership Role

I’ve started making notes to myself on things I should do, as assuming a new leadership role. (If you’ve been following my blog, thank you… Also, you will know how I’ve highlighted writing as one, if not the biggest way I reflect. My apologies for repeating this, again) In an earlier post I wrote about […]

Rule #01 | When Assuming A New Leadership Role

Sometimes I think a lot. At other times too much (and sometimes it hurts). Writing is one of the tools that help me clarify a lot in terms of my thinking or reflecting. I’ve written about this before, here. I haven’t made a journal entry this year and I probably should be doing that. Having […]