Which Battle?

I’ve discovered that many people participate in competitions for different reasons. Not everyone is competing for the same prize. Some were willing to settle with making it to certain stages of the tournament.

I think it is sad that while all could aspire to win the main prize, some were only glad to settle for what I think was the lesser. However diverse, every team that competes has some [ultimate] goal in mind. Every effort in preparation and in actual games are centered on an ultimate goal of sort. The prize is why teams [should] compete.

the battle you choose to fight determines the prize you’ll win

Goals give purpose to effort. Imagine an athlete setting out on a race with no end or finish line! It would be wasted effort, energy and time. Without clear objectives it is easy to waste and even abuse resources.

Goals can help us measure or place value on our efforts as we review our advance toward them against time. Clear goals also help us in determining what resources are needed and or how to apportion them.

Clear goals will dictate to us what our focus should be. There are many ‘battles’ that will seek our attention and one of the keys to our effectiveness is in choosing our ‘battles’ wisely.

Don’t fight a battle if you don’t gain anything by winning – Erwin Rommel

It would be of great benefit for us to consider the ‘battles’ we’re engaged in at the moment and the potential results of our engagements and whether they are worthwhile. I think now would be a good time us to give thought to what we are going to give of ourselves and resources AND why.

I don’t run without a goal. And I don’t box by beating my fists in the air – Apostle Paul

Are your pursuits clear? Are they worthwhile?

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