This is the time of the year New Year’s Resolutions are declared. There was a time I thought it was dumb. When I realised I was being part jerk I stopped ridiculing people who were setting goals for themselves.

I concluded: what anyone calls their goals or aspirations for a new year doesn’t matter. The great thing is that they have goals. This New Year will see me pay attention to new initiatives and stretching myself to achieve more.

Well, we do want to achieve more and greater with each year. There has to be tangible growth. We all want to advance as time moves forward.

Herewith are my confessions of being part-jerk on new year’s resolutions…

The New Year is definitely going to be a more exciting one as I strive for me and better. Thus setting goals isn’t optional. It is critical! Having clear sight gives purpose to pursuit.

Thus, there are specifics I know I’ll be chasing. There are tangible goals, and, at the same time, I have some that I haven’t clearly defined.

At the very least, having some idea of what I’m chasing is better than being frantically clueless. Better than wasting energy and other resources that could’ve been used with greater purpose.

The wise strive for clarity. They love to know that every kilojoule spent went to something that matters. They need to see value for their labour.

When you’re not clear on why you’re doing what you do, waste and abuse of time and other resources is imminent. Inevitable.

Always have something to look forward to. Having expectations helps with disappointments. Expectations, goals give us reasons to get up from failure.

Though expectations can be the reason for much pain, they inspire focus and purpose. Life is so much better with resolutions.

So, call it whatever you may. New Year’s resolutions. Goals. Vision. Mission. Target. Would love to [fill in the blank]. Whatever you choose to call it, have them…

Start! Dare!

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