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The Resolution That Trumps Them All

I’m not against new year’s resolutions, anymore. I used to be and it was dumb. Ultimately, the most important thing is to have goals and aspirations. Whether they are tied to a time frame or not is not really an issue. What you call them isn’t the most important thing either. Not at all.

Not having specific goals shouldn’t always discourage you either. There are times setting direction is more important that setting out the milestones. Sometimes reorienting ourselves should be our occupation. So what if it doesn’t look like a five year plan with every week or month marked out.

I’m not against the fine planning either. The most important thing when it comes to goals or resolutions is to know your context. That is, having a picture and adjusting as needed.

The end or start of a new year has people setting, clarifying and starting to pursue resolutions. I just wondered about the resolution that trumps them all. You know that New Year’s resolutions that’s like an ace card. That goal that beats them all. The aspiration we could never aspire beyond. You get the drift…

After thinking for a while, I think I found the resolution that trumps them all: Getting better. That’s it.

The resolution that trumps them all is about getting better. It is about making sure that you’re growing, advancing and daring.


This takes different forms for different people. Growth means that your capacity, whatever that is, is increasing. You’re able to withstand more, handle more and you don’t struggle with the same things in the same way.

You know that you have or are growing, when:

  • it is not as easy to throw you off balance
  • you can endure more i.e. you breaking point is further
  • you’re more confident in your role or responsibilities
  • you no longer feel as challenged as you used to be


While growing has to do with progress within, advancing has to do with progress without. This means that you’re translating your growth in a productive way. Advancing says that your capacity, including your new found one, is used.

Some don’t struggle with capacity or capability. They don’t struggle with leading themselves but with using their growth to move forward. Living, working or leading below your capacity can cause great frustration and discomfort.


When was the last time you pushed you stretched yourself? The resolution that trumps them all is one where you’re stretching yourself. It is one where you aspire not only in dreams or conversations but also in action.

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So, the resolution that trumps them all is one where you’re grow, advance and dare. Dare. Start.

By Blessing Mpofu

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