Most people are more pensive at the end of one and the start of another. Somehow the new year mysteriously brings with it some page turning abilities. In a seeming instant things we thought impossible or we failed at in the previous one, are possible. Teams, leaders and individuals imagine their heaven. They see themselves attaining, being and doing more. With so much to do, what to do?

Many options and possibilities can sometimes be paralysing.

As I start reflecting on a new year, again, I’m asking myself the same question. This happens often. What should I be doing or focusing on more in the new year? As I thought of this I read John‘s post, “How To Know What To Work On“. I recommend it–read it

In addition to that I thought about how I’ve navigated this question in the past.

What Is Possible?

This isn’t a blue-sky or dream untethered, brain-storm, motivation statement. It is about what is possible in the practical sense. Execution is about doing.

  • What can you do right now?
  • With what you have, what can you do, now?

The question here is, whatever you want to do practical right now?

So Much

Even the best multitaskers have limitations. You might have a better idea than most on your threshold. Despite the number of plates you can spin at the same time, you can only spin so many.

Keep in mind time is not the only restrictor here. Effectiveness is not only about having time or calendar space for something. It is also about having the mental or mind-space for it.

This most important piece of advice I’ve given to many, including myself, is: do as much as you can be effective. The importance of self-awareness here cannot be overemphasised.

How much can you do before your performance starts diminishing?

But I Have This Idea

Being able to imagine yourself or team doing something, doesn’t mean you should pursue it immediately. The challenge here is determining if the it’s the right time for the idea. I understand that there is usually no wrong or right answer for this one.

Then again, sometimes there is. People can help you answer this one but, depending on your circumstance, they don’t get the final say, you do.

You might want to read, “What To Do With Concepts and Ideas You Can’t Execute Yet

More Things, More Planning

More moving parts demand more planning. The more traffic there is on the road the more controls you need in place. If you decide that all fifty things are worth pursuing simultaneously, make sure you plan well. Be deliberate, don’t waste strokes. Doing more often requires more resources. Don’t abuse resources.

How will you allocate your resources?


Goals are important. The start of the year is ideal for resolutions, goals and mission statements etc. Take time to think, plan, and, of course, execute. Do something.

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