I woke up on the first day of the year, to do something I’d been talking about for almost exactly a year. (We know how we can talk more than we can act). Since we’ve lived walking distance from the sea for a year I’ve been talking about how I wanted to learn how to surf.

It’s appalling that for a year I’ve coddled excuses and forfeited a great experience. That aside, I’ve finally started. Why didn’t I start sooner?! This got me thinking about why you and other people never get started on anything.

Like me, you might be on the precipice of something… Perhaps you’ve even stalled. Yes stalled. Some stalling sounds like, “I’m planning on…” and never got to. “I’m just waiting for, then I’ll” is another one.

One of the biggest reasons people never accomplish is that they never get started [Click to Tweet]


Do you really want what you say you want? Often the reason we pursue is because we place weighty value on the goal. One of the reasons people don’t start is because they haven’t placed “enough worth” to their pursuit.

The truth: you’ll only give yourself fully to something you place worth on. In the same vein, nothing significant is ever achieved half-heartedly.

A truth that may be painful: you probably haven’t placed enough value, or are downplaying the value of what you want to achieve. Your excuse could be, “It’s no big deal…” or such talk.

I decided to place greater value to new experiences, exercise and fun and I took the plunge.

The Work

You can never have the result without the work. Some never get started because they’re work-averse. One reason you might not have started on that side project, startup or whatever, is that you know exactly what it takes.

Doing this that matter is not romantic. Chances are, you have a correct understanding of passion. Passion is not just an intense feeling, but hard consistent work. It is giving all you have, and then more.

You must decide that your goal or pursuit is worth more than your laziness and comfort [Click to Tweet]

The Crux

Decide. Today, make a decision on whether what you’d like to pursue is worth it. Some “time for decision-making” really isn’t decision making, it is stalling.

Decide that every ounce of sweat and energy your project or goal is worth it. Decide that the work it will take to make things happen is nothing compared to what you’re aiming for.

It’s a new day. Start!


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