Decisions are either forced by circumstance or initiated by dissenters who see something better. Decisions only matter as much as they are executed. Making decisions can be challenging. The energy, time and other resources used in the decision-making process are wasted if implementing the decision fails.

Changing the world, making anything greater, also depends on the decisions made. The quality of decisions made matters. In addition to that, the execution matters just as much.

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The first decision that must be made consciously is that a difference in the world not only needs to be made, but that we are the ones to make it. When things are left to others, nothing significant happens. Change will never happen on its own. It must be caused.

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Make the decision to make a difference, to be a heretic when it comes to the status quo. Identify an area you will add value in. Decide you will add value and turn that decision to action.

Action is not an event arrived at miraculously. It is an accomplishment from daily action. Doing something each day to add value to your world and the world at large is the building block of great things.

Potential to change the world is in the everyday lives we live. The world will never be short of opportunities to make it better. The reason much beauty is robbed from the world is because opportunities to change it are left untouched. Daily decisions that lead to action make a difference in the world.

A savage resolve, a fanatic commitment to make decisions and execute them is what changes things [Click to Tweet]

It could change the way your organization does things and impact the world. It doesn’t matter how great or how big actions from the decisions we make are. What matters is that a difference is made.

The kinds of decisions that change things are the ones that are executed. The world gets better one small, deliberate action at a time. Decide you will do something that matters today. Take action that will enrich or add value.  Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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