This surfer dude aptly captures the essence of commitment. This is from a proper understanding of commitment.

Commitment making the decision that any other decision is to make what you’ve signed up for happen [Click to Tweet]

It means changing your mind or backing down is not an option. It means everything else must bow to the mission you’ve thrown yourself into. Everything else must fit into that.

It is the truly committed who get the harvest.

A Proper Understanding Of Commitment

Like a farmer who’s put everything in the ground, all he has depends on making a great harvest.

He acknowledges that there are some things that are out of his control, like the weather. However, he focuses and throws all energy and resources he can to making THE harvest happen.

It is the truly committed you get incredible returns. If not great returns, great lessons that help them get better.

Without commitment nothing of significance can ever be achieved. Start. Dare.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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