Went to check out Paige Wood’s (http://www.paigewood.com) work, which was part of an exhibition. Very enlightening what we don’t see when we are actually looking.

For instance, look at the photo above, it is easy to overlook the fact that mess is an expression of ourselves and disposition. What a reminder!

I also like the fact that Paige hasn’t allowed the fact that she isn’t as seasoned (whatever that is) stop her from putting out her work.

It is never too soon. In fact the sooner you give to the world from your gifts the better. Both you and the world are better for it.

Concepts and experiences may not speak to all people but they will speak to some. For that fact, it is worth doing. Dare to give your gifting / abilities away.

If you’re in Cape Town and need a photographer and don’t mind to give Paige some experience give her a shout —> http://www.paigewood.com


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