One of the ingredients of success is hard work; fact. As with many of my musings, a post the not definition of hard work seems appropriate.

The significant and impactful happen with focus and effort. There are times, though, for some reasons many embrace hard work alone as the measure.

It is not only necessary but also wise to be aware of other factors for success. That’s for another blog post. For now, I’ll keep the subject to ‘the not definition of hard work’.

There are legitimate reasons, such as the ones I’ve mentioned already, for hard work. There are also not so legitimate reasons for hard work.

Ego can be one of the reasons we put up the front or even work hard. Hard work can also be the image we use to impress people. Whether that is good or bad is not the object of the post.

I’ve been reflecting on times I’ve worked hard and what I’ve mistaken for hard work.

The NOT Definition Of Hard Work

My attempt to define hard work I’ll focus on what it is not, for now.

Hard work is not working long hours, although it can be a part of it. It is possible to clock long hours without putting in long work. It is also possible to work hard without long hours. Long hours, in themselves are not synonymous with hard work.

Working hard is not wrecking yourself; it is not not taking care of yourself. Just as you can neglect your health or well being while not working hard, you can also do so while working hard. I’ve met people who parade their ill health as a badge of honour for hard work.

Neglect of your body is not a sign of hard work; it is stupidity and irresponsibility! (Click To Tweet)

I’ve met jerks who thought being busy was the same as being rude. (There’s possibility I’ve been that jerk at one point or another.) Hard work has nothing to do with being rude or impersonal. That’s a choice of disregarding people, which says more about you than your work.

To recap:

Hard work is not working long hours although it can be. Neither is it wrecking yourself; that’s being irresponsible. You can destroy your health while being lazy. Hard work also has nothing to do with being rude or impersonal.

It may be time for you to get to the bottom of your applied definition of hard work. Reflect and change where you need to.

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