Why People Fear Sharing Their Real Opinions

The Premise

We’re multi-dimensional. Some people only know some aspects about us. The reason could be we only want to them to see something particular about who we are.

In other instances, there is behavior that is considered appropriate for particular contexts. It can be what is expected or what we think is expected of us. Either way, we put on the display for the context.

We’re all schizophrenic. We’re not always the people we are when we’re in the company of self. If we haven’t marred who we are by juggling through many personalities of the diverse scenarios we’re often in, we’re most ourselves when we’re alone.

Nothing is a blessing like being able to have people you can be vulnerable to that you’re comfortable just being yourself around them. Even in such cases there’s an element of reserve.

Are we who we say we are everywhere all the time? Not really. It is worth thinking about why people won’t leave the masquerade parade.

Sometimes we’re confused about who we are and who we think we are. Who we want to be doesn’t make things any easier. Who we think we are and who we want to be are the foundation of the masquerade conflict…

On why people don’t leave the masquerade parade…

The Conflict

As I’ve hinted, the reason people won’t leave the parade of the masquerade is because of the conflict they have within themselves. There’s a conflict of which ‘them’ is the right one. Which them should be the one to grace the world.

Which one of the many people they are will dare show themselves?

Vulnerability is a scary thing. Not vulnerability itself but people’s responses to our being vulnerable. Until the conflict of who one is and their acceptance of who they are is resolved, they will never leave the masquerade parade. They will continue hiding, not projecting who they are.

I guess sometimes we aren’t sure who are we, are we?

There’s security behind the mask.

The irony: we think the masquerade is beautiful. It may be, for a moment. The greater beauty, is the beauty the masquerade shields from appreciation.

The Fear

The conflict of ‘selves’ is also the result of fear. The masquerade parade thrives on it.

Too many are afraid. Afraid of standing out. Afraid of not being liked or appreciated because they dare to dissent. They’re afraid of being wrong.

Fear has them believing they have to be a particular way. It has people believing there is a right way for them to be. The only right way is to be is to be who you are. It is being comfortable in your skin. It is sharing your opinion.

After all, that’s what it is, an opinion. Fear’s imprisons many because they think opinions are fact.

You cannot be afraid of sharing what you think because someone’s opinion is contrary.

Everyone wants everyone else to conform to their opinion. An example of this is how I got unfollowed when wrote about how Brad Paisely and LL Cool J’s Accidental Racist is the world’s story.

We can never and we will never change anything by conforming. Conformity is fear on steroids. Don’t take the drug.

To Be Loved

It is perplexing and beautiful how a desire to be loved defines, beautifies and wrecks us all at once. Besides, selfishness, nothing drives humanity more than wanting to be loved.

The masquerade parade is still huge because people want to be loved. A sad thing is that they want to be loved despite being loved for who they really are not.

The greatest love is when those who love you see you as you really are and still do. This love is not and cannot be found in the masquerade parade.

The masquerade parade continues to swell because few are willing to be loved and appreciated deeply for who they are by a few.They want to be loved the entire world for who they are not. Sad.

Being loved for who you are by a few is far richer than the love of a crowd with no clue of what lies behind the mask…

We all want to be loved but we need to make peace with this fact: we can’t be loved in the deepest ways by the largest crowds.


Quit. Leave the masquerade. There are a million other reasons whey you should stay with your mask on. They have their justifications.

However, no reason for staying in the masquerade parade is worth you being you.

You cannot play your part in changing the world and fit in at the same time.

It is our uniqueness that is foundation to the change we’re on earth to bring. You cannot shatter the status quo by trying to fit in. Be who you be… Be bold. Dare. Start

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