Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future?

7 thoughts on “Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future?”

  1. Well written and thought provoking while still keeping an unbiased stance.
    I like it. History must be remembered and there is going overboard to not offend people.

    1. Thanks man; just stuff I think we all should be working through. Not necessarily to have all the answers but that we’re at least grappling with the questions…

  2. Hey man, solid article! I actually grew up in Charleston and currently live 2 miles away from the infamous flag.

    Just to give a little context, the Confederate Battle Flag is flying at the statehouse right now, out in front along the main road. When you drive by, it’s impossible to look at the statehouse without seeing the flag. To me, sitting under a battle flag means something very specific: “There is a battle, and I am part of this side.” Everyone agrees on this point.

    The central tension is, in my state many people think the flag represents an insurgent cause for freedom which many of their great-grandfathers participated in. When they think of the Confederacy, they don’t think of slavery, but rather their heritage. On the other hand, a great deal of people feel the confederacy represents a slave-holding agenda.

    I’m all for museums and displays and merchandise that remembers and celebrates our history, but flying a flag on a government building is a wrong way to do it.

    Anyway, hope that’s helpful. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for this Stephen. It’s great for people to share on how the view of history impacts them. This is at the core of a lot of the challenges we face. Perhaps songs like LL Cool and Brad Paisely put us in touch or at least challenges us to think about how others experience different views on history? All important conversations to have. Can we create the platform for this healthy dialogue is the next question…

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