Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future?

There’s so much happening around the world. With some of the things going on I’m wondering: Are We Destroying History Or Building The Future? The killings at the Emanuel AME Church members in Charleston have stoked a furore of debates. America (and the world) is in debates about race and history. There’s also a raucous about the […]

Books And Words: How Dad Tricked Me And Lessons For All Of Us

Dad tricked my siblings and I when it comes to reading as a habit. This is why I read. A lot. From blog posts to books. Being a little more grown up, I appreciate it. He took us to the bookstores, and besides our textbooks, bought extra reading material for us. He made us value […]

The Anatomy Of A Great Legacy – Lessons From Nelson Mandela

When I heard the sad news of Nelson Mandela’s passing, my thoughts were occupied with his legacy. One of the reasons I write is to process my thoughts. Sometimes I do it to find out what I think. At the time of Madiba’s passing, I was reluctant to write anything because the media, and a lot of […]

Rihanna Has No Demands – Page 1 | Students’ Violence – Page 17

The Saturday Star (12 October 2013) covered a number of incidents where students assaulted teachers. While I applaud the Saturday Star for covering these stories, could the fact that it was put on page 17 be a reflection of how seriously we’re taking this as a country? On the front page, instead, is that Rihanna, who […]

Diversity Celebrated | Interview With Craig Makhosi (Part 1)

I was privileged to interview Craig Charnock (aka Quite a White Ou). He’s a great guy with a great story. (Unfortunately I will not be able to share everything about Craigie but have drawn portions of our conversations into small bites to challenge us and hopefully cause us to reach across the things that separate […]