Diversity Celebrated | Interview With Craig Makhosi (Part 1)

I was privileged to interview Craig Charnock (aka Quite a White Ou). He’s a great guy with a great story.

(Unfortunately I will not be able to share everything about Craigie but have drawn portions of our conversations into small bites to challenge us and hopefully cause us to reach across the things that separate us. This goes deeper than just colour…)

He teaches Mlungus (white people) to speak Xhosa and Zulu all over Mzantsi (South Africa). In his debut single, Ndingumlungu, Quite a White Ou teaches isiXhosa through his rap lyrics. He’s a loud and proud South African.

Understanding others and diversity means immersing ourselves, in one way or another, in other people’s worlds

Quite a White Ou (aka Craigieji Makhosi by day) runs Ubuntu Bridge, a company that has been teaching Xhosa and Zulu language and culture courses since 2005 to the public, corporates, NGOs and schools.

Press PLAY and let’s connect after the conversation


Check out Quite a White Ou’s video…

Also see Craig’s TEDx Talk

What does diversity mean to you? What are some of the, small yet significant and practical things you think we can all do to strengthen unity in diversity? Leave a comment.

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