The focus of leadership is, in a broad sense, that of enabling success. Success is in the focus of leadership. Likelihood of success of any enterprise is proportionally linked to the quality of its leadership. Leadership is not the only determinant but it is an important one.

Thus, what leaders focus on defines their enterprise [Click to Tweet]

Leaders’ focus will become the reality of the enterprise. This means leaders need to manage the tension of focus between the present and future. The present defines the future. Today’s activities are the identity and relevance of your enterprise tomorrow.

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With all this in mind, leaders’ focus must be primarily on the things that enable functions, processes, individuals, teams and ultimately success. This entails leading other leaders in the organisation. Great organisations are great because they have empowered and growing leaders.

There is work that leaders should not do. They cannot give equal focus to everyone in the organisation. They must choose carefully who they will focus their time and resources on.

A focus on building structures and frameworks so that mission is moved from concept to context. The future must be held in tension with the present. There will be no enterprise in the future if focus on the present is not exercised.

Leaders must remember that they cannot do everything and invest in everyone equally. Primary focus must always be articulating the mission; that future all activity is supposed to cause.

To an extent, it includes anticipating barriers. It also means dealing with present problems and solving ones that are yet to come or navigating away from them before they find the way into the organisation’s path.

Systems must be put in place that solve problems. Leadership, together with management, holds every process, individual and team to account to protect the integrity of every resource and energy.

In looking at all this, every leader must also focus on his own growth and maturity. Growing leaders will have growing teams and organisations. Start with yourself leader. As you rise, you’ll raise others with you.

Focus. Examine and choose carefully what you focus on. Success Is Locked In The Focus Of Leadership.

Be boldBe /ˈherətik/.

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  1. Interesting take on leadership. Indeed we often think about invoking leadership (through training, reading material, etc.) in others but we do not stop to think that we have to do the same for ourselves. How can you lead if you do not stay current with the latest trends and broaden your horizons? Thanks for sharing.