Many things determine leaders’ extent of influence. Language is one of those things. I’m not sure how extensive this “series” is going to be but I’ll write as long as I keep thinking of the “currency of leadership”…

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Attention is a currency of leadership. It is determines leaders’ effectiveness based on how he uses it.

Attention Deficit

Leaders succeed and fail based on the things they give attention to in their environment. Despite some leaders’ belief, every leader has limitations on his attention span when it comes to every facet of his enterprise. You can only attend so many things at the same time.

What you give your attention to will thrive, while compromising something else. Some thing will always have to suffer. This means putting thought into where you are and what needs attention.

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Processes may need attention in critical stages. Stages such as the start, transitions and troubleshooting. Be present and intentional in giving attention to the systems in your organisation.


Leadership (as a function) is necessary. Without leadership, people and functions can undo each other’s efforts. One of the places leaders’ attention must go is to those they lead. This means building chairs into the culture your organisation.

“Chairs” mean you make time to invest in relationships of those you lead and lead with. Giving attention to relationships is critical to understanding individuals and teams dynamics. This means you get to build trust.

Professionalism doesn’t mean being cold, aloof and stonewalled. Relationships are key in unlocking the resource of and in others. A lack of recognition of the individual can easily lead to a lack of recognition of their needs and, ultimately contribution to the team and mission.

Giving (focused, undivided) attention may not guarantee your success but it can almost guarantee the failure of an enterprise if not practised well. Thus make time to connect with people, as people and not just functions.

Attention | the currency of leadership; you cannot afford to be flippant with it. Lead. Lead well.

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