Changing Your Mind As A Virtue

“Changing mind as a virtue” is something I don’t remember ever hearing. People have spoken about it as their own prerogative. I’ve mostly come across a changing of one’s mind talked about as a weakness. A lack of backbone and captivity to whim. Changing your mind as a virtue is terribly undermined. Not doing so can be the fruit of pride and not a reflection of strength and wisdom.

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Redefining Leadership

I’d shied away from continually defining or, should I say, redefining leadership? After all, who am I to challenge the big voices in history and present culture? Then again, why shouldn’t I be doing that? Why shouldn’t you be doing that? Redefining leadership is something that we all need to be doing. If we continue to revisit technology and culture, why can’t leadership be included in the mix?

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Attention | The Currency Of Leadership

Many things determine leaders’ extent of influence. Language is one of those things. I’m not sure how extensive this “series” is going to be but I’ll write as long as I keep thinking of the “currency of leadership”…

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