Redefining Leadership

I’d shied away from continually defining or, should I say, redefining leadership? After all, who am I to challenge the big voices in history and present culture? Then again, why shouldn’t I be doing that? Why shouldn’t you be doing that? Redefining leadership is something that we all need to be doing. If we continue to revisit technology and culture, why can’t leadership be included in the mix?

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Correcting Forward

To improve in an ongoing way, leaders must always make course corrections. There is no way things get better without changes. For anyone or any organisation to get better, checking in on performance is alone is not enough. A feedback loop is necessary.

Leaders must see what is working well and why it is so. This also applies to things not working the way they should. When not all the cogs are turning the way they should it is folly not to make the needed changes. The challenge is often on corrections.

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Pace Of Leaders And Enterprise

Leaders are responsible not only for the direction of their organisation or team but when they arrive at different milestones. Change and innovation happen at the pace leaders determine. Every leader is a custodian of her enterprise’s pace. The pace of leaders and enterprise is connected. The one determines (or should) determine the other. By default, leadership is about leading, giving direction and pace. How quicly a team or organisation gets somewhere is up to the leader.

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