Correcting Forward

To improve in an ongoing way, leaders must always make course corrections. There is no way things get better without changes. For anyone or any organisation to get better, checking in on performance is alone is not enough. A feedback loop is necessary. Leaders must see what is working well and why it is so. This […]

Building A Culture Of Innovation | FAILURE

Failure is a strong foundation for the culture of innovation. Without failure we you never know what does not work. It is not just about bouncing back from failure it is about embracing failure. Pushing anything beyond the known means fumbling. When babies learn to walk they will fall. They can only get better at […]

Three Things That Aren’t A Leader’s Responsibility

Leaders can be ineffective when they don’t understand their role. When a leader doesn’t understand his role fully he can easily get caught up in what he shouldn’t be involved in. There are things that can never divorced from leading. And, there are also things that you must steer away from if you’re going to […]

Why You Must Fall In Love With Frustration

Don’t make the mistake many make. They think frustration is a bad thing. Not so. At least not all frustration is bad. Frustration is generally associated with being overwhelmed. It can also be connected with not being competent for tasks and their demands.

Disdain: A Lesson From Abraham Lincoln

There’s a lesson from Abraham Lincoln’s legacy to learn. He dared to look down on people and circumstance that discouraged him. He did what a significant number of Americans were against when he declared the emancipation of slaves. He dared to drive change with the heart of uniting a nation and setting precedence for the […]