Why You Must Fall In Love With Frustration

Don’t make the mistake many make. They think frustration is a bad thing. Not so. At least not all frustration is bad.

Frustration is generally associated with being overwhelmed. It can also be connected with not being competent for tasks and their demands.

Any heretic trying to lead change will experience frustration. Like you cannot separate wet from water, you cannot separate frustration from change.

If frustration were a person she would be the psychiatrist’s biggest client. This is because she is seriously misunderstood.

Frustration can be enabling if we stopped paying attention to it and considered its message

Frustration is confirmation of activity. It confirms that we’re unhappy. Unhappy about where we are in relation to where we would like to be.

Heretics have a tendency to be consumed about the future. Their leadership is about seeing the future and bringing it to the present.

While heretics are physically present they are mentally and “visionally” in the future. Frustration is the result of that tension.

Frustration is necessary and healthy when you realize that it is your innermost confirming that you see a better place than the one you’re at right now.

Frustration is (sometimes) the violent confirmation that you’re not happy with the status quo. It is fuel for change.

Change often doesn’t happen because the seed of frustration is sown but hasn’t germinated and challenged the status quo’s landscape.

Frustration could be a result of not creating anything. It can just be that we’re upset with ourselves for not changing anything.

When heretics are not challenging and changing anything, they will be frustrated.

Frustration is confirmation of tension between the future and the present. It is growing pains; evidence that the past and status quo are fighting to stay as the future dawns.

Frustration can be evidence that we’ve been fighting within ourselves, individually and as enterprises, without resolution.

Frustration informs us we have unresolved issues. When frustration shows, we must ask ourselves, “What unresolved issues have amplified frustration?”

Frustration confirms that vision is still paramount. Or perhaps, that there has been a veering from the path.

However, we can only find out if we don’t lash out at frustration but listen to what it is telling us. Frustration speaks.

Many misunderstand frustration because their attention goes to its volume. The reason frustration raises her voice is because we ignore her early stages.

Just a few reasons you must fall in love with frustration…

When you experience frustration, especially intensely, don’t fight its volume; instead, seek to understand its message. Be bold. Be /ˈherətik/.

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