I had an opportunity to go to Mozambique recently. I remember the countdown I did a few days before departure. As part of my preparation for the trip there were some things I had to see to before leaving. I was also reminded on some things about time.

I remember brainstorming with one of my team leaders about plans for meetings that were going to take place in my absence. I also attempted, to the best of my abilities, to prioritize some of the things in my diary at the office. I shuffled things up and down the priority and important lists.

In a bid to pay full attention to some things I deemed important and of high priority, there are some things I left either completely not done or partly complete. After returning from Mozambique I revisited my diary to follow-up on some outstanding issues.

I noticed that a substantial number of issues would not still be in my to-do list if I had seen to them when and as they arose as I had the time and space for them then. I visit life’s university yet again.

time is a resource we all have; how we use it is what sets us apart for effectiveness

One of the reasons I did not do those things I could have at that time is to an extent I was busy, busy procrastinating. (I’m ashamed to admit). Today there were some areas where I felt a little overwhelmed as many minute things have become a mountain of sort.

One of the reasons we procrastinate is not that we do not have adequate time, but that we simply, “did not feel like it”.

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Another way I realized I procrastinated was moving some things in the “urgent-and-not important and urgent-and-important” cycle. I understand the importance of distinguishing and striking a balance between urgent and important, but if it is something you have to do and you keep pushing it on the back burner it will not change it still needs to be done!

Procrastination in all the creative forms we cloak it in, will not change that fact that things will not just happen on their own

Sometimes the things we classify as urgent and not important grow until they make it to urgent and very important – a crisis. No disrespect to whoever came up with “urgent-and-important and urgent-and-unimportant” but sometimes we just need to get with it and get whatever needs to be done, period.

Whether urgent or not it will need to be done eventually! I do need to manage my time well but without ignoring that whatever I need to do will not go anywhere until it is done! (#notetoself)

“There is a time for everything, and a season for everything…” Some things are only significant and relevant in their time. If we’re not careful to observe, we may lose out on some of life‟s valuable moments. For example, it is more beneficial and pertinent to study well before one’s exams.

It makes more sense to cherish our families and or those we hold dear in their time. It becomes irrelevant to them when they are no longer with us. Time and timing is of the essence. I’m sure it will prove beneficial for us to take another look at our budgets, our time budgets. Everything is just beautiful in its time!

I’m now reflecting on how I’ve managed my time… Yet another challenge – to celebrate life more by being good stewards of time. About time…

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  1. Good blog makes you think about life…. You can put some things on the “to do” list for 20 years if you are not careful. Procrastination causes pressure and that disturbs your peace and can affect those around you. It is better to work first and then play, guilt free. Or perhaps just admit to yourself that you don’t want to do something and simply take it off your list completely.

    1. Thanks Elsie, need for the balance between work and play – another challenge in addressing issues… cool! Another thought – how to determine whether we really do need to do something at all?