Some things are perfected in and through time. There’s the dynamic of patience and perseverance that must be factored into any significant work.

Leaders that will build great and significant things; the things that matter, are those who appreciate in planning and action that it will take time. Patience and perseverance are critical.

When setting goals be kind to yourself and realistic with time. Sometimes things do get a life of their own and grow quickly but often NOT.

Patience and perseverance are key and often misunderstood.

Patience and or perseverance are about doing all the work you can, to the best of your abilities without obsessing over the instant.

“Instant success” is almost always entirely a myth, if not completely. Patience is never about sitting and twiddling thumbs, waiting for miracles to just happen on their own.

Surprises, the great ones we always hope and look for tend to show up when we’re in pursuit. It is in motion that new paths are discovered.

It may just be time for your life and leadership to redefine patience as movement.

Time to define and live out patience as movement toward goals. Time to embrace movement and activity and allow time to, in a sense, bless our efforts and endeavors.

When you do this and the big break comes your muscle would be able the pressure and demands success brings.

Redefine patience and perseverance.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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