Momentum enhances traction. Whether in general life or leadership, it is desirable for propelling us. In fact, leaders often wrestle with the question on how to build great momentum.

In personal lives we wonder how to get momentum for new ventures we’ve taken on and at other times for things we’ve been at for a long while. Momentum is built. Some times things do just happen and, voila! Some of our endeavors get a life of their own, so to speak.

When this happen the scramble is often how to keep up. When we feel we have a handle on things the next thought and challenge is how do we maintain this. For some, the thought is, “How can we even make this bigger”.

Movement and momentum seem to compliment each other. Somehow we carry a fear of either not being in motion or moving too slow. When things have been difficult, we’re glad to have little movement, and we appreciate with a phrases such as, “at least we’re moving forward”.

have you thought about what you need to stop lately?  || image by Tomas Fano | cc
have you thought about what you need to stop lately? || image by Tomas Fano | cc

You and I have to be careful that our desire for even the tiniest step does not come from a place of fear of stopping. Stopping a particular activity, be it in your personal capacity or at an organizational level, may mean the death of some things.

We often do not want to be responsible for the death of some things. We get better when we stop some things. Chances are, you thought of something you could stop just after reading the previous sentence. We get better when we stop some things.

The death some things is often the womb of other things. In fact some things can never get life as long as other things still have life. Death of our activities and endeavors may be the best thing for greater ones waiting to come to life in and through us.

Fight the fear of stopping what you know you need to stop, so you can get better, greater in areas you desperately need to. Feeling sorry and guilty for parasitic activities may kill not only your dreams but you also.

Sometimes stopping may not be permanent. This is called rest. Sometimes stepping away from the frustrating mundane allows us to recoup and return with fresher vision and greater passion. We fear stopping because we think things will fall apart if we do; yet nothing ever does.

Think about the times you really could never get around to doing something. Or you were down the flu. When you got back on feet there were more times that nothing really changed much that there were times they completely came undone.

Continuing in endeavors that you know you should be stopping does nothing to better anything. You don’t need more courage to stop. You just need to decide and act. Stop what you need to stop. Start again on the same thing when you’re renewed. Or, start something completely new. Build your momentum. Never be afraid to ask, “Is this time to push for greater momentum or to stop?”

What makes stopping for you a difficult thing to do?



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