On Friday I ‘pressed pause’ on my way home from the office – I sat with a cappuccino and a book in a little “dessert restaurant” (I don’t know what to call it but it’s a place you go when you want to eat donuts, waffles, with millions of ice cream flavors etc – you get the picture)

Anyways, for a moment it was just thoughts of Ingrid (my wife, missing her because she was away) interjected by a good blend of cappuccino and potent insights of the book in my hand.

After while, I was reminded of where I was by the squeals of a little girl. Her mother was treating her to one ‘mean’ sundae. The girl wanted all the syrups that were laid out on their table. I couldn’t help but laugh…

Seated at a table next to mine was a couple that was clearly enjoying their time together, and their waffles. Laughs characterized their interaction in the moment…

Then, a waiter started pulling and joining a couple of the small tables to make one long table to accommodate a family of eight that had just walked in. The little lifeless restaurant was roaring to life… There was a buzz now charging the atmosphere.

The grandmother in the family of eight made fun of one of her grandsons as they all ordered their desserts… laughter filled the atmosphere… the little girl called out to her mother with a volume that attracted the attention of a quarter of the restaurant…

The couple exchanged tastes of the desserts they had ordered… my heart filled with warmth as I watched the joy and excitement of total strangers enjoy their moments.

All of a sudden a very bright light that I couldn’t look at filled the room… That bright light was… No, no, no, I just messing with you, there was no light… :)

Oh! Then I though, “we often encounter the richness of life in such moments.” I guarantee you the couple I saw don’t have it perfect, nor the family of eight.

But for a moment nothing mattered but being in the moment. Am sure the girl will remember for a while the moment she spent with her mom, eating her favorite ice cream. Being with the ones you love, living in the moment with them is always something to savor.

The richness of life is in the moments we stop to count our blessings and find something to celebrate in the midst of the unpleasant [Click to Tweet]

The significance of a day can be in a moment. Am sure you’ve had the experience where nothing seems to be as it should or you’d like it to be then something small, a joke, a song, seeing someone briefly, can just be what “makes your day”

An idea, can exist in a moment and spark monumental change. Some of those moments we create the space for and others (like mine) might just happen…

However they come by, take them, pause, forget everything not going how you want it to be… Use the space to be grateful for the moment to be reminded that there is always something to relish in a moment that helps us celebrate life. Don’t just rush through life…

Grab a cappuccino and a great book, get comfortable, look around you and allow yourself to be reminded that life is greater than the one thing or two, maybe even three things that aren’t quite where you want them to be. Create the moment to remind yourself.

Life in a moment…

Now back to that bright light…


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