Every event has its significance. What people make of it is where the value comes from. Some events, say birthday and anniversaries, winning something or attaining a goal are more important to some because of the value they place on them.

In essence, it is people who create the worth of events. That being said, it is important to create events you place value on.

Make some things matter. Celebrate them. Celebrating says, “this is important, it deserves recognition, it is something to be esteemed”…

Celebration is a choice. It is something we pay little or no attention to in life.

Why you must celebrate:


Whether in personal or team context, celebrating is a great way of acknowledging milestones. It is a way of acknowledging effort from one level or place to another.

It is a way of appreciating effort toward the goals.


Celebration is a way of not only acknowledging progress from the past but inspiration for the future. It can be a great way to build excitement and expectancy for the future.

Teams and families that celebrate the future they’re yet to step into, often appreciating it more. They’re more optimistic and excited about it.


Sometimes closure is necessary for progression. Celebrations are a way to mark the to end chapters.


Celebration is way of sharing successes. It encourages oneness, enabling community. Life is more meaningful as we share things that matter to us.

All of a sudden a party is more than an excuse for drink and loud music. It is a way of doing and sharing life with those who matter.


When you have an event to celebrate something, it is inevitable that inspiration will result. As much as we can inspire others we can be inspired through the successes of others as they celebrate them.


Memories of goals we’ve reached are easily tied to celebrations. Life is made that much richer when we look back at what we’ve managed to attain. Throwing a party can be a way of searing something to our memories.

What is number seven reason for you? What makes celebration significant or important for you?


How do you celebrate?

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