Social Media and The Law In South Africa | Who Owns Followers?

3 thoughts on “Social Media and The Law In South Africa | Who Owns Followers?”

  1. An enlightening article, Indeed a contract is the most effective way to deal with this issue. Most multinational companies that deal with online marketing have a social media policy. But its not enough as it is not binding per se. It only guides. I would like to see the full citation to this case. Does South Africa have a law specific to social media?

    1. you are right every company needs to have some sort of social media policy in place.

      it’s early days for South Africa and i think we’re getting frameworks for laws in place. this was not a case but a discussion we were having at an even called 27 Dinner, whose focus was social media and that law on that day.

      one of the things i wonder is the speed at which some laws might become obsolete due to the speed at which social media is currently evolving.

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