Familiarity is dangerous. You must reject familiarity. It makes you and others blind. Familiarity says, stop seeing and appreciating value in something. This extends from resources, relationships and people.

Familiarity can make you start taking a lot of things for granted. Where there was or should be gratitude entitlement settles. With entitlement come overlooking things that should be nurtured. Entitlement alienates and ushers relationships to death.

Familiarity stops you from looking for and living in miracles. It steals wonder and awe. Wonder and awe help us to be overwhelmed. That feeling of “being small” reminds us how much bigger the world is. Wonder and awe keep us connected to the inexplicable.

The inexplicable helps us appreciate mysteries as they unfold. It reminds us that there’s always more to discover. There’s more to be learnt.

When we coddle familiarity we close ourselves to more learning. We rob ourselves and everything we’re a part of from being greater. It blocks your capacity for more and better.

Familiarity will rob you of being you and doing more. Doing things that matter starts with appreciating who you are and what you have. Don’t trifle your gifts or how you are wired.

You must reject familiarity.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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