Nothing significant is ever achieved in isolation. You need others and, likewise, they need you. No man or enterprise is a piece of land surrounded by water.

We all have everything we need to do things that matter. We just don’t have them all within ourselves. Thus, we are sometimes at the mercy of others and they, in turn are at our mercy at other times.

Collaboration and negotiation become necessary in our exchange of needed resources, to meet set goals.

Saying Someones No Self Robbery

Doomed is the one who says others’ “no” for them. That is, never assume the answer is “no” until it is said directly to you. One of the worst things you can ever do to yourself and enterprise is work under the assumption that you can never get from anyone or a particular person something you need.

You say, someone else’s “no” when you don’t ask them, directly. Speculation, mis-informed and mis-formed perceptions result in self-robbery.

Rather get a “no” from those you ask than say it for them. In the worst instance, you never had their “yes” anyway. In such a case it helpful to use your arsenal against “no”. It will simply mean exploring other avenues or sources.

Also, when “No” is said never just accept it. Negotiation is not impossible. Sometimes a little thought and exploration will expose need that the “No” sayers have, of which you can leverage.

Getting a “no” from someone doesn’t mean you can’t get a “yes” from another. Never stop exploring. Don’t stop believing. Optimism is necessary for hope, so nurture it. Someone will say, “yes”.

“Yes” can come just as easily as “no”. Success is a result of working past “No”. Sometimes many of them. The worst and most debilitating “No” is the one you say to yourself on behalf of others. For a successful enterprise, you never tolerate no.

Just never say, “No” for someone else.

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