Fact: we do not have everything within us to succeed. The truth is that we need people around us. We need help from other people to help us grow. We need people to help us accomplish anything. There is no such thing as “a self-made man”.

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to connect with great friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time. This morning I was thinking about all the friends I’ve had and have. I am closer to some than others but this doesn’t take away from how I am enriched but each friend uniquely. From my musing, without these 6 people you’re doomed!:

Punch Now, Ask Questions Later

You know your friends that have your back no matter what? When I was one of the smallest kids in my school. I was fortunate to be great friends with some of the big guys in the playground.

When there was any altercation brewing some of them never bothered to ask questions. They’d just drop whoever it was that ‘seemed’ to be harassing me. (Although I wasn’t an easy push over…

It’s been said never judge the size of the dog in the fight but the fight in the dog ;-) ). I’m not suggesting get a bunch of brainless friends. The friends you NEED are those that have your best interests at heart. You need friends that will stand for you even if it hurts them.

Spinach On Your Teeth

You know how some people shy away from telling you things because they’re either afraid of you or your reaction? Those aren’t really your friends! Real friends are not people who are afraid to disagree with you and express it.

One of the people you’re doomed without is an honest friend. Real friends will stand up for you even if it means standing against you.

I Told You So

Another friend you cannot do without is the one who says, “I told you so” with no malice. The one who embraces you even after you don’t listen to her. The last person you need is one kicking you when you’re down.

You need a friend that will not hold it against you when you don’t listen to them. In fact, they don’t feel any less important in your life because of the times you don’t listen to them. The truth is, they don’t listen to you all the time either!


Jojo was a clown when I was in pre school. (I wonder if he’s still in business). When I knew he was coming, I tried to put on my laugh-proof suit. It never worked.No matter how hard I tried NOT to laugh, Jojo could always get a laugh out of me.

One of the people you need in your life is the guy that always makes you laugh. There are times when a good laugh is all that’s needed to lift our spirits. “Bob’s wisdom” has its place and so does Jojo. You need a good balance.

Let’s Flush The Cat

You know the guy that comes up with things that you wouldn’t even think about thinking about? The one that doesn’t have “safe” in his vocabulary? Yeah, that one. You need him.

I’m not suggesting you go about doing stupid things. What I am saying is that you need the friends that will constantly challenge you from settling your comfort zone.

You need friends that will constantly challenge you to aspire for greater, to be more… If you the safety guy you need someone to nudge to take some risks. Normally this type of friend is an achiever.

What Are You Going To Land On

Growing up, I remember climbing trees and jumping off instead of getting back down they way I got up. I never did that alone most of the times. When I think about some of the stunts my friends and I pulled, am very grateful none of us sustained any serious injuries.

If you’re a somewhat brainless risk taker you need the friend that will ask you, ” If you just jump have you thought about where you’re going to land?” You need the friend that won’t necessarily stop you from going for goals, but help you check if you’ve considered some things.

Gee, this has just made me wonder what kind of friend I am… Consider sending this to your friends in honor of them.

From my list what friends do you think you’re missing? What kind of friend would you describe yourself as?  What would you add? Your thoughts?

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  1. I enjoyed this Blessing! Number 7: There is a friend you also need that just listens and doesnt provide solutions. This is a valuable one I think. Most times, people just like to solve the problem and get you to shut up, when in reality, the problem gets solved just by listening. This is rare and if found, please treasure