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So, I was cleaning out my closet and discovered a goodie bag that has a gift for someone reading this. I’m so excited to be able to give this away! I think it’s very appropriate, especially taking into account that at the heart of Christmas is giving.

The short of it, is that I was given a some gifts, which I gave to others… As I cleaned out my closet this morning, I discovered I hand’t given everything like I thought I had. Here’s the story:

Earlier this year I got to experience the awesomeness of The Entertainer App — Cape Town. @CapeTown and The Entertainer App guys gave me a subscription and one month subscriptions to give away to friends and stuff.

Here’s a gift for you if you’re in Cape Town. It is in the form of The Entertainer App, which gives you discounts at a number of places. Specifically , you get two-for-one; if you buy one thing you get another for free. This includes some activities (paragliding, surfing etc), beauty stuff (spa treatments etc) and, drumroll please — food!

I’ve used the app at restaurants in beautiful Cape Town and it’s been fun going out as six people and only paying for three, and so on and stuff like that.

Anyways,  (I recommend following for news and cool stuff about the Mother City) and  people gave me one month subscriptions, and I’m giving away two of them. You’re so lucky I didn’t give them away.

The complimentary one month subscription of the app has about seven hundred offers! Now, who wouldn’t want to have a jol or lekker time and save money at the same time?!

Throw your hat in the ring below and you could just be the person I contact on the 30th of December with awesome news!

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