Changing The World, God, You & Obstacles – An Excerpt

I thought I’d share an excerpt from one of my most recent readings. A practical book on changing the world, laden with challenge. If you want to change the world like me, I’d recommend you read it. The book is “Passions is Not Enough – 4 Elements To Change The World” by Greg Darley. The particular excerpt I’ll share is what I’ve been pondering:

There are eternal consequences that hang in the balance of your decisions that you may never know about… [Like James and John when they left their father with the fishing nets and followed Jesus] Are there nets in your life that you need to drop? Maybe it’s your college decision, your career path, or the family business. By doing this you show yourself and the world that you care more about pleasing God than anyone else. By doing so, you will change the world in greater ways than you ever thought possible. Now there’s one more person to convince that you can change the world. [You!]

I’m reflecting. How have I been an obstacle to myself? Also, very important – What nets do I need to drop? Perhaps it’s the fear of failure I need to readdress… maybe the voice of someone I respect greatly… or the net of entertaining mostly the thoughts of why it might not work…

What nets do you need to drop in order to fulfill the God-given dreams to change the world?

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