I had coffee with some great people this morning. Something Andrew Coles said about dreams got me thinking… Living in the realm of clear sight will strongly move you. Clear sight is often the first step. By clear sight I mean more than just vision. I mean having a sense of purpose that your vision will give. Not only that, but being able to see what goes where to make your vision. Absolute clarity is not always going to be.

It is not always that we pursue what we feel strongly about. You may feel strongly about a cause and never get round to actually doing something about it.

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How strongly you feel about something does not change anything until you actually start doing something about it.

Limitations will always be there. The successful still wrestle with limitations. Somehow we see those who inspire us, by virtue of their success, as not having them. If anything, they may just have more challenges. It is those challenges, limitations, barriers, whatever you call them, that we make reasons for not acting on the dreams we carry.

Why not doing something you’re passionate about is killing you. Obviously not a physical death, but it is scary that it could be so strong that it can affect our physical health. Compartmentalization is a myth. Every part of who you are is connected. What affects you in one area of your life or organization will affect another.


One of the reasons not doing what you are passionate about will kill you is that it takes more energy to fight what you are passionate about than actually doing something about it. It will draw mental energy from you. When dreams for your life, cause or enterprise are vivid and strong enough, trying to focus on something else instead of them will actually cause you to focus on them.


When we do something that we are passionate about that is when we are truly alive. All of a sudden the universe makes sense. Pursuing our dreams is a big part of living them. It is not only when ‘we arrive’ at the place we’re striving for, it is also the journey there that breathes life into it. You are dying because you are not living.

Living, being fully alive, is pursuit of the things that come naturally and strongly for us. Choose to live and not just breathe to death.


How do I start bridging the gap between my limitations and my dreams? I’m asking myself the same question but I can give a shot with suggestions:

  • Stop fighting your focus from going to the dream. Allow your dreams to breathe and vent. Start documenting them if you have not or have stopped.
  • When your dreams do not make sense to people don’t dwell on it. Skeptics sometimes disguise themselves as realists and pragmatists. They can only stifle your dreaming further and kill you only if you allow them. Do not give in.

Very few people, if any achieved significant things by being reasonable. 

  • Share your dreams with someone who will agree to believe in them even if they do not make sense to them all the time. Their responsibility will be to smack you when you stop believing in your dreams, because there are times it will get so hard that you will stop believing in your own dreams yourself.
  • Get your hustle on. Ensure that you are doing something everyday, even the smallest steps to get to a step closer to seeing your dream a reality. If it is not yet practical for you to pursue your dreams to the extent you want to, you can take solace in that you are doing something to get closer.

Why does not following your dreams kill you? What do you suggest to do in bridging the gap between reality and pursuing what people are passionate about?

Not doing something you’re passionate about is killing you… is it?

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  1. Fantastic! If you are not LIVING you are DEAD! Great stuff. I enjoy your articles bhudaz