My House Smells Like…

Our house is open. We’ve haven’t (yet) turned any visitor away and I hope we won’t have to. I feel privileged. Most of my visitors are young leaders. I am always fascinated by inquiring minds.

I love engaging on many issues, as well as some that we forget the moment we part. Fun.

We have a glass door, so when our curtains are open we see people before they walk in. I recently noticed two things:

1. When people get to our door and they can see us in the lounge, they, in a non-verbal way, ask if it ok for them to enter (even though they know, and Ingrid and I have often told them they are welcome)

2. The first words they say after being granted permission to enter

Fascinating. This post is mostly about number 2.

The better your relationships with people the more free they become to say not only what is on their mind, but heart also.

In the space of about two days I’ve had a couple of people not utter a greeting after they enter but say something I find fascinating:  “Your house ALWAYS smells like coffee.”

people's perceptions are consolidated by recurring impressions; what's the recurring impression you give out?  image by puuikibeach | cc

people’s perceptions are consolidated by recurring impressions; what’s the recurring impression you give out?


Yes, that’s what they say. Why is that fascinating? Well, I’m glad you asked. The reason is rather simple. One of the first three things I do each morning is brew a pot of coffee. Ingrid and I love great coffee. Instant coffee = bleh + yuck!

Back to why phenomenon number two is interesting… You see what constantly happens in your household, life or enterprise eventually becomes obvious.

Something that you constantly repeat will eventually become recognizable. People will eventually associate certain things that your brand always does with your brand or as your brand.

There is always an impression people have when they get into your vicinity. It is inevitable. Impressions last. Hence my visitors were able to make reference to their past impressions and experiences in the present.

People always have unspoken impressions. It is relationship with them that draws them out. If you have no relationship with your team outside of their functions, you not be able to enjoy the benefits of really knowing what is on their minds.

You could be losing out on an opportunity to get better or to correct something that has been wrong for a long time.

What does your “house smell” like? What do you think that says bout you?

What do some of the “houses” you’ve been to “smell” like and what do you think it says about them?

[image by puuikibeach | cc]

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