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Leadership is not overrated. Don’t believe or even listen to anyone who tells you less. Leaders and the roles they play are necessary.

Without leadership in the sense and in practice, a lot falls apart. In fact, organizations start falling apart at leadership level before getting undone anywhere else.

This is because leadership holds everything together. One of the ways this happens is through how information is managed. Leaders need to know what information they need to know. Great leaders are always on the quest of finding out what they do not know they do not know.

Managing information and its flow through an enterprise impacts the effectiveness of teams. This spreads further to decide whether the goals and vision of your enterprise are achieved.

One of the ways leaders win is by taking a page out of Kulula‘s playbook.

Make everything obvious. Sometimes leaders take for granted that everyone knows what their vision is. They assume that because the organization’s values hang on the boardroom wall everyone in the company knows how to translate them into their work.

Great leaders do not assume that everyone knows. When it comes to information flow in your enterprise, it is safer to assume that not everyone knows. Rather err on the side of having too much information than too little.

Make it obvious to your team how and why you arrive at certain action steps or decisions. This helps to spread responsibility for the organization and reduces the need for constant consultation, which can take your focus from strategic aspects of your role.

Making things obvious increases the odds of your team performing at their greatest. Unclear expectations and communication cripples productivity.

Take your team’s output to the next level by conducting a consult with them. Do they know what your organization’s vision is? Do they understand how your company’s values translate to the mundane? How clear are they on their role and its significance to the big picture?

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