Brand Integrity; A Secret To Brand Loyalty


"In the event of an emergency get your oxygen mask on first before assisting children… and passengers acting like them. 

Welcome to Lanseria Airport, if this is not where you want to be, you've got some serious issues…"

You will hear something like this on a typical Kulula flight.

Kulula, a South African domestic airline, is the perfect case study of brand integrity. They are consistent. Kulula makes it on my list of favorite airlines. Not only from airline experience but also from a brand perspective because of how obvious they are about who they are.

Besides lessons of being a brand, Kulula is a great resource for leadership lessons. In case you haven’t already, you have to read this post, which shares another secret for brand loyalty.


being consistent with the brand experience to those you serve is key in keeping them loyal to your brand


If your eyes were closed and you heard a Kulula ad that didn’t mention their name you would know it is Kulula. That’s because they are obvious. They are not some stuck up, uptight, prim and proper airline. This brand is a person.

It is that friend with a great sense of humor. The guy you’d go to a party not for the sake of the party but to hang with. The staff seems to take on the character of the same person. Either they have some intensive humor training so humor flows through their service teams or they only hire funny people.

(Hey Kulula, if you are reading this, I’d like to know how you keep it funny. PS: can you throw in an interview? I mean, can I interview you?)

Did I mention it is also just the right amount of funny? Not too much it’s corny and boring and not too little you ask for more. Just the right amount of funny.

This airline embodies the efficient P.A. everybody wants. I’ve received reminders about flights. It may not be a big deal for you, but it matters to me. Especially when you had the wrong day and or time for your flights.

Simple, small things make a big difference in brand experience. What do you love about some of your favorite brands?

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