The reputation of brands matters now more than ever. Users of products or services are not only more aware of the power they have but have the tools to easily publish and broadcast their experience or impressions with ease.

We’re in an era where people now care not only about products they use but how they are made. They care about every process that enables the “product” to reach them. Every aspect, from the quality of the product to how it comes to existence…

It matters to me how people I give my money conduct their business. The thing is, by giving some enterprises my money I directly, and otherwise enable other things. By walking through the doors of some establishments I enable their philosophy. For instance, I either help employ or kick people out of jobs. You get the idea.

Product Brand Reputation Lines Of Offence And Defence

There will always be things that I enable in one way of another. We’re in an era where it matters more than ever how manufacturing processes impact the environment. It matters to us, the consumers, how employees at our stores are treated. Need I say more?

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All this falls into how people perceive and interact with brands and their products. This makes it all the more important for brands to not only be defensive but more importantly on the offence on the reputation of their brands.

Organisations must be jealous of their brands and guard their reputation. Reputation is one of the things that determine the worth of companies.

Now to the first line of defence and of offence for brands:


The first line of defence and or offence, depending on your perspective, is the product itself. Nothing kills brands like crappy products iterated. Make a great product; that’s the first line of offence for your brand.

When products are great people talk about them and recommend them. When products are crappy people will also talk about them and discourage those they talk to, to stay away from them.

Great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster – David Ogilvy 

Unfortunately some are naive enough to think a bad product is acceptable because they have great publicity strategies.

Have you focused on delivering the best product you can for where you are, with what you have? Leaders need to have honest conversations with their teams on quality of their products

Rather a great product with a weak publicity strategy than the other way round [Click to Tweet]

Organizations that are constantly knocking on innovation’s door and making their products better fulfill one of the most important aspects of marketing.

Marketing is not just a department managing perceptions of your company’s products to the outside world [Click to Tweet]

Marketing is also the kind of products and they quality you deliver. Pay attention to the quality of what you deliver. Does it satisfy the needs of those you serve in a relevant way? Are you listening well enough to better those you serve.

Remember, your product is the greatest offence you have in your brand reputation arsenal. Harness and use it well.

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