Brands are basically the way you portray yourself (this applies to individuals and organisation). They’re also the way people see or understand you to be. Your brand is basically the persona built by a combination of what show as what people generally perceive as who or what you are.

One of the most important things about your brand, is reaching a particular person, aspiration, needs and such, to with particular people. Because are people are diverse, they’re not going to perceive how every brand portrays itself.

Some of Your Brand Ambassadors Hidden In Plain Sight.

Blowing your brand’s trumpet is a matter of serving people and success of your brand

However, individuals and organisations commit significant resources, to create the impression they would love people to associate with them and their ‘products’.

How a company is perceived cannot be separated to from anything it produces… [Click to Tweet]

Thus no wise organisation cannot leave everything to chance about how they’re perceived. It’s a matter of survival.

Without the right perception (however it looks for every entity) people will not associate, engage, employ or use your product — this is the premise of every ‘marketing’ and such effort.

However, what some leaders or organisations often overlook that the very people employed to ‘portray’ their enterprise to the world, are often overlooked as brand ambassadors. Their work, that is, whatever they produce, is part of the work of being ambassadors.

Thus, you could have a team of people working to show you to the world in particular light not be ambassabors of your brand. It is their work that portrays you in a certain and not themselves per se. Thus their work is the ambassador but not they, themselves.

The problem with this is that your team could undermine the enteprise and the work commmissioned to them by living out something contrary. They may speak great of the enterprise and its products on the front they’re required to do so, and do the opposite in their ‘free-will’ space.

Every leader’s work is cut out for him: make your teams the greatest raving fans of your enterprise, products and mission.

Every leader is responsible for making his teams raving fans of their enterprise, products and mission [Click to Tweet]

When those who serve in your enterprise are crazy about what you’re about, they don’t have to be coerced. Not only will they do it on ‘your time’, but also on ‘their own time’.

How can you convince people outside your enteprise how great you and your products are if those within your walls don’t believe it? The axiom, “charity begins at home” couldn’t be more true.

Leader, while the ones you lead work on making the world your brand ambassadors, your work is to make them the craziest, die-hards every brand needs.

Blowing your brand’s trumpet is a matter of serving people and success of your brand . Time to see Your Brand Ambassadors Hidden In Plain Sight.

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