‘Hope’ is one of those things that is likely to be listed as critical for leaders’ arsenal. Though intangible, without it there’s little reason for action. Without hope, there will eventually be no enterprise. Every leader needs hope. He has to be full of hope.

“Leader with no hope” is not only a contradiction but an impossibility. Leadership is inherently optimistic. Full of hope. This is not to say that leaders will not have doubts. Neither is it to say that their resolve will go untested.

The success of any enterprise is hinged on leadership and hope.

Leadership is about defining a greater future. At its core, leading is about creating a preferred future, one better than the present.

One who sets out to do this cannot do so unless he believes in the reality of it. He has to have hope that the future sees can become reality. In addition, every leader must believe that he can make that a reality.

It is not the odds that should inspire or inform leaders’ actions. I’m not suggesting that leaders abandon reason. It is just that hope is ingredient for persisting against the odds [Click to Tweet].

When leaders stop operating in hope’s realm negativity is imminent. When leaders are negative, so will their team. Once a leader starts being negative the fall of their enterprise greets the horizon.

A leader with no hope sucks passion and the life from those he leads. When a leader is without hope, he undermines every reason for action [Click to Tweet].

Leader, when you doubt more that you believe in your mission… When you doubt that you do matters more than you believe that the world needs you at the post… When, by default, you see everything as pointless… When become indifferent with your mission and pursuits it might just be you’ve lost hope.

Leaders with no hope undermine their enterprise and mission [Click to Tweet]

Find inspiration: your cause, mission and every effort matters. It counts for something. Find some success story. From your enterprise. Seek stories of leaders who dared despite failure.

Leader, close your eyes and imagine your impact; the very reasons you started out. Don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve despite adversity. Hope. Hope again.

Published by Blessing Mpofu

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