I’ve never met anyone or organisation with no dream or aspiration. Leaders I meet are usually brimming with hope, dreams and goals. Of course this doesn’t mean they don’t have their bouts with despondency and challenges. Recent conversations and observations highlighted how there’s sometimes a disconnect. As a team, individuals or organisation, here are two obvious ways you shut yourself down before you start.

I Have A Dream But __

Signing up for a marathon is definitely not the same as running it. Registering for the marathon is only declaration of intent. You run a marathon by running it. One of the two obvious ways you shut yourself down before you start is entertaining your buts.

I could be but ___. I should be, but ____. We could, but ____.

‘Buts’ kill dreams and goals (Click to Tweet)

Every individual and leader needs to be vetting buts. You’ll never advance when you allow buts to cement your feet (Click to Tweet).

Never Happen

The second of the two obvious ways you shut yourself down before you start is telling yourself, “It will never happen”. I’ve witnessed this more times that I care to count: someone sharing a dream, and shooting themselves down in almost the same breath.

You’ll never advance when you allow ‘buts; to cement your feet (Click to Tweet)

I’ve seen leaders light up as they share what could be. They then rob those they lead and people they could serve by saying how that could never happen. I’ve said it before; leadership is impossible without hope. You’ve shut yourself down before you start when you’re already telling yourself it will or can never happen.

There is no confidence doubt.

The Others

Leaders who try to make anything better, move many people forward. First, they push themselves to get better. Better leaders mean better followers and enterprises.

The Crux

Often the worst enemy is not one lurking ‘out there’. The worst enemy is usually in the mirror. So, kill your buts before they suffocate your dreams and mission. And, what if you’re wrong and whatever your “it” is can happen? The best regret to live and lead by is having attempted and failed. You’re always going to regret never trying.

What else you have you seen people or organisations succumb to before even getting started?

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