Productivity hacking is both an art and science. One of the things that make it complex is everyone’s uniqueness. What works for one person can be crippling for another. Thinking what works for you must work from everyone is the epitome of naiveté. Everyone has to figure out what works for them. I have shared some productivity hacks before; but I make it a habit to review what’s working every now and then. I thought I’d share a new productivity tool I’m enjoying.

But first, a short


I have more than one productivity tool; here’s a quick recap of some of the things that have helped.


As much as my MacBook Pro (and iPhone) are my most tools, journal and pen have do come in useful


Going outside, a walk and fresh air often help. Sometimes when he hit a wall we think pushing harder; often stepping away for a short while can be a helpful ‘reset’.

Coffee Shop:

A change of environment / workspace is cool. My home office or writing from some of my favourite coffee shops makes the difference. I think space is often an overlooked dynamic when it comes to productivity and creativity.

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I love music. I listen to a look of it. I used to make music as well. Music not only ‘psyches me up’ but helps me focus. My earphones are part of my tools, they help create a space I can focus in regardless of my environment. This brings me to one of my favourite recent discoveries. A new productivity tool I’m enjoying.

I don’t remember how I came across but I’m glad I did. It has music and rain, yes, rain. I have no scientific reason why sounds and music help me focus but they do. On some days the ambience created by the sound of rain is all I need.

I also have simple criteria for listening to music: it mus be great. When it comes to genre, I have a wide music taste and collection. I listen widely. On some days classic music helps. On other days I need more energy I listen to electronic. even has down tempo music option.

One of the the things I appreciate is the seamless change between tracks. You only notice that the song has changed when it has changed and not when it is changing. Trying to manage the tracks playing can become an annoying distratction. helps eliminate that so that I can, uhm, focus.

How does it differ from Apple Music and such? It is simpler; that is probably one of the reasons I keep using. I also find that with Apple Music, which is where I get most of my music, I often have to keep skipping tracks. I end up more preoccupied with finding the right playlist, station or mood. Despite all the time I’ve spent there I haven’t found anything as satisfactory.

Sometimes I don’t know what exactly I want to listen to but know I need music. comes in handy on those days. I use while working but can also be great for ambience; when you’re just chilling or have friends over and don’t want to worry… Maybe you just need rain to help you fall asleep. After all, sleep is an important productivity tool / hack.

Get It

You can listen to online via the website or download the iOS app. You’re welcome.

It works for me; check out and let me know what you think. Do you have a productivity tool to share?

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