My Attachment To My MBP

I can’t believe how attached I am to my MacBook Pro. Probably because I use it more than any other device. My Attachment To My MBP is uncanny.

Yes, more than my phone, microwave and coffee machine.

Yes, more than my coffee machine.

I think the greatest reason is that it is my primary / choice tool to reach and connect with the world. I do all my writing using it.

My MBP is a means to practice my craft. That is, writing.

What tool are you most attached to? What device do you use the most? Why?

By Blessing Mpofu

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12 replies on “My Attachment To My MBP”

Not using any apps at all,I’ve relied on iOS native syncs. Are there any apps that you can recommend?

Attachment, I guess for me its my phone. Most of my sermons and ideas get typed on Notes way before they hit Pages or Word. Its also easier to voice record those zany ideas that hit me when Im stuck on the N1 in Jozi. Awesome how Apple makes our lives so much easier ..

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