Tools I Use

Productivity is affected by many factors. I have blogged about different aspects and determinants of productivity. Check out part of the collection of these posts here. This post is basically going to focus on tools I use. I’ve been reluctant to doing so, partly because I felt like I used too many things and giving reasons […]


My Attachment To My MBP

I can’t believe how attached I am to my MacBook Pro. Probably because I use it more than any other device. My Attachment To My MBP is uncanny. Yes, more than my phone, microwave and coffee machine. Yes, more than my coffee machine. I think the greatest reason is that it is my primary / choice […]

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Don’t Be THAT Speaker: Tools

In the previous post, on speaking and microphones we looked at how speakers need to work with microphones. If you have not checked it out, I suggest you do. While speaking is the primary medium of communication, a lot more contributes to it. Being a great speaker involves more that just actual speaking but everything […]