Don’t Be THAT Speaker: Tools

In the previous post, on speaking and microphones we looked at how speakers need to work with microphones. If you have not checked it out, I suggest you do. While speaking is the primary medium of communication, a lot more contributes to it. Being a great speaker involves more that just actual speaking but everything […]

Don’t Be THAT Speaker: The Microphones

I am very choosy about what conferences or workshops I understand. I make decisions on whether to attend primarily on two premises:   1.There is a lot I can learn there and, 2.Whatever I learn is going to significantly enrich me in a pertinent way. That’s right, I have a¬†Conference Attending Manifesto…¬†However, now and then […]

The clues to a great story

At different times in our lives, careers and organizations we contemplate the stories that we want to leave behind. The stories we want posterity to tell of us. To find inspiration through us. Interestingly, we find inspiration from stories that we hear from or about other people. From the movies we watch. There is something […]

Confronting For A Change

At some point every leader has to address something that they or their team may find uncomfortable. There are issues that can never be let alone and must be addressed. It is always the leader’s responsibility to address the elephant in the team or organization. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When confronting your team: But […]