The clues to a great story

At different times in our lives, careers and organizations we contemplate the stories that we want to leave behind. The stories we want posterity to tell of us. To find inspiration through us. Interestingly, we find inspiration from stories that we hear from or about other people. From the movies we watch. There is something almost inexplicable that always opens the door for us to connect with stories we see on the screens.

Then there are the stories that we want to tell from who we are and what are doing now. It is the story of the life you have experienced and the one you are looking forward to. It is the stories of what your organization is doing as part of their bit in changing the world or adding value. People connect with stories than they do with numbers or statistics. Statistics only matter for people when they have a compelling story attached to them. As you attempt to share your life, cause or vision, consider the story you want to tell.

Stories are the platform for rallying support for your cause. They are the platform on which intimacy in relationships or partnerships is fostered. Think about it. We often feel more connected to people after spending an afternoon of hearing some of their childhood stories. For people to buy into your organization or cause there must be something that captures their imagination. There must be an ‘enchanting factor’. This is done through stories. At a TED talk, Andrew Stanton from Pixar, shares clues to a great story. Check out the talk below. (There is one incident of one strong word at the start, besides that, it is all worth a watch)

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